Why Using the Right Hand Surgeon Can Cut Recovery Time

It is never fun to experience a hand injury. Often times, you can find relief with hand surgery, but then you have to worry about how long it will take to recover. Luckily, with the right hand surgeon, you will be able to cut down on recovery time so that you can get back to your regular activities in no time.

Minimally Invasive Hand Surgery

The right hand surgeon will offer the best techniques to get you on the road to recovery. Dr. Fitzmaurice is a top Arizona hand surgeon that founded the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, offering minimally invasive hand surgery. This type of surgery gives fast relief while using less scarring and leaving a quick recovery.

The EndoTech Approach

The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute specializes in EndoTech minimally invasive surgery, the most advanced technique compared to any other hand surgery and gives superior visualization. While performing this surgery, the hand surgeon can see everything, including the internal part of the hand and with extreme clarity, making it the safest and most effective approach. This minimally invasive hand surgery uses only the best tools and techniques to make a small incision, making the surgery less painful than any other options. Because of the extreme clarity and using a small incision, this type of surgery leaves less room for surgical area. Also, the recovery time is much quicker. Other surgeries can take 6-8 weeks to recover from, requiring a lot of time off of work. This ground breaking approach allows patients to recover in about one week. With the minimally invasive hand surgery approach by Dr. Fitzmaurice, you will see better results all around.

Examples of Hand Injuries Needing Surgery

There are many hand injuries that require surgery to find relief. Fortunately, Dr. Fitzmaurice offers the EndoTech minimally invasive hand surgery option for a variety of hand issues. From carpal tunnel to tennis elbow to trigger finger, you will be able to find quick relief and recovery fast.

Trigger Finger

When it comes to trigger finger surgery Phoenix, the EndoTech approach is the best option. Trigger finger is a painful condition that impacts the thumb or finger caused by inflammation if the tendon. Symptoms of trigger finger include soreness at the base of the thumb or finger, painful clicking or snapping motions or the thumb or finger getting stuck in a position. This hand condition is usually caused by certain medical conditions like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Repetitive activity and motions like forceful gripping are also caused. With minimally invasive hand surgery for trigger finger, less than a one centimeter incision will be use, only requiring a band-aid for bandage. Recovery time is usually one week and the chance of pain reoccurring is very slim.

What About Emergency Hand Injuries?

Of course, other hand injuries can happen and at all times of the day and night. Dr. Fitzmaurice also offers hand emergency Scottsdale services. Plus, if needed, Hand and Wrist Urgent Care even offers same day surgery options. Even if you are a walk-in, you will receive high quality care, starting with the receptionist and ending the doctor. The staff will help you find relief from pain and give you options that come with quick recovery times. Emergency hand injuries include lacerations, fractures, contusions or dislocations.

The right hand surgeon like Dr. Fitzmaurice and his staff will provide the best techniques like minimally invasive hand surgery to find you quick relief and recover fast so that you don’t have to put your life on hold.

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