Your Wedding Doesn’t Have to Be Traditional: Informal Ideas for the Big Day

With an increasing number of couples taking up the modern life and foregoing the traditions of old, the church wedding now has plenty of interesting alternatives meaning that weddings can be something of a more informal affair. What’s more is that throwing out the old conventions, your big day can suddenly become a stand out one too, personalized and with an edge of uniqueness that will have people talking about it for years to come.

Say goodbye to tradition and embrace an increasingly different way of celebrating your love with these fresh ideas. Who said anything about informal having to be inferior?

Simple Venue

Whether the church is an option or not, choosing to undergo your nuptials in altogether different setting can be interesting indeed. Perhaps someone you know has an amazing garden could play host? Or maybe an old yet beautiful town building? Even if you want the best of both worlds there’s also the option of throwing the reception in a quirky place. Sometimes the simplest venues are the best.

Bridesmaid Dresses  

Usually a lot of time and effort is spent trying to get all the bridesmaids to agree on an ensemble dress that has to match either in style or color. How about leaving that all behind and shaking things up to have your bridesmaid dressed differently? Besides it’s only tradition that dictates they have to be dressed as clones. Maybe you should choose a dress that plays to their individual features and personality, that way you can ensure the clash isn’t too jarring but different enough to make something of a splash.

Marshmallows and Sparkler Spice

A good way to get all the guest involved while satiating their hunger is to have fire-roasted marshmallows, the types we all enjoyed as kids. Couple that with an outside bonfire and the fun could get even better. Add some sparkler fun from and you’ve got the atmosphere of a Fourth of July send-off with everyone having fun in the outside air that appeals to the inner child in everyone.

Special Seating  

Who said that upholstered chairs or fine furniture has to be in place at your wedding? Depending where the venue is there could be far more suitable and fun seating options – like hale bales if taking place on a great country estate or inflatable chairs if in an outdoor marquee. The options are endless, it all depends on your own creativity.

Dress Code Dip

Maybe doing away with the whole suits and dress thing could really help inject a bit of spice into a wedding. Relaxing the dress code and opting for something else entirely could definitely go a long way in chilling even the most hardened guests out – especially if they can go in shirts and trousers instead of stuffy ties and suit jackets. Tea dresses for the women is another alternative and, for the really bold, there’s also fancy dress – just ensure it doesn’t turn into too much of a farce.

An informal wedding can really incorporate a lot of fun and fresh novelty. The only limitations are your own preferences and creativity.

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